CCSK Domain 1 – Cloud Computing Concepts and Architecture

CCSK Domain 1 – Cloud Computing Concepts and Architecture

Domain 1 of CCSK makes the base so the person can understand the cloud terminology and technology. So this domain covers the concepts and Architecture of Cloud computing.

In this domain covers the Cloud overview with definitions from NIST and ISO standard. And then the characteristics of the Cloud i.e Resource pooling, Elasticity, broad network access, measured service & On-Demand Self Service were covered.

This domain also discusses different Service Models of cloud and its Deployment scenarios.

After covering these basic concepts this domain covers the reference models and Architecture models detailing about the service models such as Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service & Software as a Service.

This domain also covers the Logical computing model of a cloud i.e. Infostructure, Applistructure, Metastructure and Infrastructure.

Cloud Security Sope, Responsibilities and Models were also discussed in this domain and these topics cover about the security responsibility of Consumer and Provider among different service models which explains who is responsible for what in any cloud projects and in this work the two tools provided by cloud security alliance also helps a lot. And these two tools are

  1. CAIQ- Consensus Assessments initiative Questionnaire
  2. CCM-  Cloud Controls Matrix

And as the whole CCSK is about the Cloud security so CSA also added The Cloud Security models in this domain.

Different cloud security models were recommended such as

  1. CSA Enterprise Architecture
  2. The CSA Cloud Controls Matrix
  3. The NIST draft Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture
  4. ISO/IEC FDIS 27017

And in the End, the Areas of critical focus were discussed which covers the Governance and operations in Cloud.

So the First Domain of CCSK covers the Fundamentals of cloud, Reference and Architecture Models, Cloud Security Sope, Responsibilities, cloud Security Models and Governance and operations in Cloud.


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