Netcop Degausser N7-TR

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N-7 T Degausser

To erase Data permanently


N-7 T Degausser is the most innovative product with total automation and LCD display, can be used to erase data from magenetic media such as Hard Drives: SATA,IDE,SCSI(any size) DLT Tapes: Super DLT I,II &III,DLT IV-VSL,S-DLT,LT02,LT03,LT04,LT05,9840,9940 1/2″ Computer Tape,Diskettes,DC 600,2000,TK50,70,85,3480/3490E/3590/3590E 4mm,8mm,Exabyte,Travan,DLT,ZIP Disk,Ultrium.

N-7 T Degausser Feature

  • Automatic (No Need to move the media).
  • Create the magnetic field in a closed environment (So safe to be used anywhere).
  • Media Compartment Size is 180mmx40mmx120mm.
  • Power Supply-22- ~240v 50Hz /110 ~115v 60Hz.
  • Degaussing Force 8000(min) -12000(max) gauss.
  • Erasure Depth-Latest HDD with high coercivity level.
  • 70 Hard Drives/Tapes per hour 50VHS tapes per hour.
  • ON/OFF security key & Eraser Button.
  • Jumbo LCD Display indicating Health check status with error codes, degaussing cycle timer and Degaussing success message
  • Tray open sensor,Media sensor,USB integration,Barcode reader(optional),Report Software.



The Most Important asset of any company/Organisation/person the information which store in Desktop/Laptop etc & threat of information leakage or personal data leakage comes in replacement or disposing of these magnetic media. So degausser media is must stop information leakage.


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